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Spetsnaz Link Tool Fix

Spetsnaz Link Tool Fix

Some of you may well of experienced some problems updating your Spetsnaz linked tool. Over the last couple of days we have been investigating to see what the problem has been an narrowed it down to the fact we have updated our membership software.

This meant that the links to all could not communicate with our membership software. The problem has now been fixed however you will need to reinstall the link tool using the following directions by overwriting the old tool.

The first thing you need to do is navigate to our Spetsnaz Link Tool and download the latest software (the old software will not update).

Once you have done this open the zip file and extract the files to your desktop. It will look like the image below.

Unzip The Files

First of all you need to totally shut down SEnuke. Then you need to right click on the SEnuke icon and select open file location as shown in the image below.

Right Click Open File Location

Once you have done this you need to locate and open the Config folder as shown below.

SEnuke Config Folder

You simply then need to drag and drop the files into the config folder. You will get a warning asking to overwrite and you must select “replace the files in the destination” as shown below.

overwrite files

Once you have done this you will then be able to run the link tool and get your paws on the latest list of additional sites.



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