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Once upon a time…

All stories have to start somewhere, and while I have long refused to give out a

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type guide (because any such guide is a con) we can perhaps cover the fundamentals with you. The absolute biggest failure we see has nothing to do with SEnuke it is people getting the fundamentals wrong.

Now some hard truths, most people in this ‘game’ fail, we see it all the time here at Zont SEO and over on the various Internet Marketing forums around the Internet.

Really though failure is something you almost have to try to do, there is a captive market of 2 billion+ internet users out there waiting to buy products and services… in the history of commerce there has never been a time when you could present yourself to the so many people for so little cost.

Now of course when you are new to this everything seems complex, and don’t worry we have all been there and we all learn new things and improve our skills every day. Just the other day (October 2012 at the time of writing) I was going through some sites I created in 2011… I thought they were great then, and they looked much better than what I made in 2010. However I can now see many small mistakes, like using JPG where I should have used PNG8, in fact with 45 mins of work I knocked the site load time in half. Probably in 2013 I will again laugh at the silly things I have done this year.

So you must consider that ‘success’ is not the end of it, because sure when you make your first $10, $100, $1000 etc. you have had some success but it should keep growing. Success builds upon success, and even upon failure because every single step you make now is moving you forwards in one way or another.

If you don’t understand something we talk about here at Zont SEO, or anything at all, ask. Either in the forums or put in a ticket, we do read and answer everything. There truly are no silly questions (well OK some of them might make us giggle a bit, but we understand!).

Most of all though take action. You can read every page on this site. Watch every video. If you don’t take action then for sure you will not make it.



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