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These resources are now available to all paid membership levels.

Now legally I have to tell you that you are now allowed to sell these, because we are not allowed to pass on our ‘resale’ rights to you. However I am not going to be checking up on what you do with them.

They are however provided ‘as is’ and we accept no responsibility what so ever of any consequences resulting from your using them.

If you wish to use PLR articles I suggest if you can that you use them as a resource and not as the resource. That is to get the most from PLR articles you should alter them so they are not the same as the original. If nothing else run them through an AI spinner like WordAI or Spin Rewriter.

I do not personally like them, and I do not use them, however there were a number of requests on the SEnuke forum for them (and one person was even selling them to Nukers!) that we thought we might as well just give you our collection for free (OK technically its not free, we are not allowed to give them away for free even, but they are free as part of your subscription here or paid bonus).

Current Resources:

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