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Royalty Free Images for SEnuke

Image make a site, and the also make a Nuke much better. However images can get you in to a LOT of trouble, an image on the Internet is pretty much copyrighted by default so you can’t just use it. The number one newbie mistake is to take images from Google Images and put them on your site. The big boys in the image world have automated bots that go out looking for their images and sending you a nice ‘fine’ to pay or go to court.

This is not just scare tactics they actually do this, you need to read the license rules for images you want to use!

Images all have licenses, make sure to read them!

So what to do? You can buy your images,they will typically cost you a dollar or two for web use, but that can really add up. You can do a Google search for Royalty Free Images, but be aware royalty free is not always free. With royalty free it can simply be that you pay once for the rights to use the image, but after that you don’t have to pay again. So take care when getting images from a royalty free site, you may still have to pay once.

So where to get images totally free?

Flickr – Every Nuker knows this place, there is a function within SEnuke to automatically add in images from Flickr. Now one point here is for each photo on Flickr the publisher decides on the rights to the image. Even if they are published under creative commons license you may not be able to legally use them as this is broken down in to:

  • Attributiion License – you must give credit to the image owner, even if you edit it.
  • Attribution No Derivitives – you must give credit to the image owner and you can’t edit it
  • Attribution Non Comercial – you must give credit and you can’t use for comerical (sales) purposes

There is a further license ‘Share Alike’, where the original license allows you to edit an image you can only share it using the same license method as the original.

Generally speaking for your moneysite you need to take care, read the license for each image before you use it.


Stock.Xchng – 99% of our images come from here. They are now owned by Getty Images (one of the biggest image rights owners around). In most cases you do not need to give credit, however there are exceptions and as such you should check the use license for each image before you use it. You should also read the general rules, which cover most images.

One important point is that SXC have absolved themselves of responsibility if you happen to get an image from them and it turns out to be copyrighted. Probably not something you need to be too worried about, but keep it in mind.

PhotoPin – Allows you to search for both commercial and non-commercial images. Images can be downloaded in a variety of sizes and the license type displayed clearly on the download page, along with code for attribution when needed.


Morgue File -A large collection of images, many of which can be used without attribution and for commercial use. As always make sure you check first though!


If you have a favourite image site let us know on the forum and we will check it out, and then perhaps share it with other Nukers.



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