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Captcha Solving

This page covers the traditional way of solving captcha within SEnuke, if you want a more advanced method which will drastically reduce your captcha solving costs then take a look at our SEnuke Spetsnaz Configuration.

A Captcha (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart) is that little annoying bit of text that you have to attempt to read and type in, I say attempt because some of them are almost impossible:

fellowing finding

forintc ?????

They are specifically designed to be something that computers can’t read, but people can, and this put in place to stop software like SEnuke from automatically posting. As you can see from above the second one is pretty hard, and not even a real person could solve it, but in this case you only actually need to solve the first word, it would not matter what you put in for the second one.

You essentially have 4 choices when it comes to Captcha solving:

  • Ignore
  • DIY
  • Outsource
  • OCR (Captcha Sniper)

Lets cover how to do these:

Ignore: As mad as this sounds it is something many people do! To ignore captcha in SEnuke you need to fill in some fake data on one of the captcha solving services setups in the options, and tick the ‘Enable auto-captcha solving’ box.

This tricks SEnuke in to effectively bypassing all the sites which have a captcha on them. It will still try and post but will fail and move on. You success will of course plunge to a new low, so this method is really only of use if you scrape up have your own list of sites which don’t use Captcha protection. Personally I can’t really recommend you do this, but it is often asked for so here it is.

DIY: If you remove the ‘Enable auto-captcha solving’ tick then every time SEnuke comes to a captcha you will get a box asking you to fill it in.

You simply type in what you see and click finish. As you can imagine doing this for a Full Monty V4 with several thousand accounts to create will be VERY tedious, but it is actually quite useful to setup this way when you are adding scripts to SEnuke, then you can be sure any failures you get are not down to the Captcha service you are using.

Outsource: The most popular method, and the one we use here. Rather than you typing in all these captcha you can pay for other people to do it, typically around $1.50-2 per 1000 images. The other advantage here is that while you can only type in one captcha at a time, which for SEnuke XCr is very slow, the captcha services can cope with as many as you can send at once. If you computer can do 50 threads then you can be sending 50 captchas out at the same time, all of them solved in a few seconds. SEnuke XCr supports the following services directly from the software:


The most popular of those is DeathByCaptcha, though their success is not always the best if we are honest. My other favourite is ImageTyperz, they are fast and cheap, in fact much of the early success I have had with SEnuke XCr was down to using them as a captcha service. However I suggest you have accounts with at least two of them, as from time to time they all have issues, and of course you may accidentally run out of money on one. Loading money in to a Captcha service is typically not instant, it can take more than a day in some cases, so plan a head and keep your accounts topped up. If you notice success is down then one of the first things to try is switching to a different captcha solver.

There are other Captcha services out there that you can use, these will require you to install a ‘tunnel’ which re-routes your captcha from one service to another, or this can be done with a host file redirect. I am not going to cover that here, if you have a service that you prefer they should have support which will help you. Personally I find tunnels a pain, and given how good the inbuilt captcha services are I see no real need.

OCR: The one that everybody wants is OCR, where a machine fills in the test… the test that was designed so machines could not fill it in. Most captcha types can be OCR’ed these days, believe it or not even re-Captcha can be solved and their are packages out there that will do it (the SEnuke boys are working VERY hard on this, but it is a tough nut to crack). You can buy a couple of bits of software to do OCR captcha solving on your computer for you, and one of these is integrated in to SEnuke XCr, Captcha Sniper (we have a discount on this for those interested in a copy). Captcha Sniper will not solve re-Captcha (yet), and that accounts for 95% of all the captcha types in SEnuke. As such you will likely save less than 5% on your captcha costs by using this software. It is also a major pain the behind to get working properly, but for those who insist you should follow these instructions.

Firstly read the instructions that came with Captcha Sniper, you must install it properly! For most people this will require you to run the program as an ‘administrator’ and to run it in compatibility mode. I can’t stress enough that you really must read the manual on this one.

If you want to use a secondary captcha service, that is if CS fails to solve the captcha is sends it elsewhere, in Captach Sniper ‘Settings’ you must untick ‘Use Host File Redirect’.

In SEnuke XCr you no longer need to use CSSE mode in Captcha Sniper. If you were using Captcha Sniper with SEnuke X previously you should change your configuration.

Next in SEnuke itself we need to test a few things. Open ‘Options’ and go to the Captcha settings page. Make sure ‘Enable auto-captcha solving’ & ‘Use Captcha Sniper Service with’ are ticked and also enter your details for Decaptcher or DeathbyCaptcha and click the test button.

Now you probably still want a captcha service because as we already said Captcha Sniper will only solve a small % of your captchas in SEnuke. When you click the Check Balance button your actual captcha balance should be returned, if you get $10.00 or $7.77 then it is highly likely that your ‘host’ file has been edited and as such any captcha that fails in Captcha Sniper will not get sent to the captcha service.

Now it is not supposed to do this, when you untick the ‘use host file redirect’ in Captcha Sniper it should remove the edits it made to the host file (actually it restores a backed up version of your host file), and in most cases it does as it should. However we have found quite often it does not remove the changes to host, and then you get the above balance reports. If you get this after unticking the ‘use host file redirect’ then you will have to go to your hosts file and manually edit them to remove the lines Captcha Sniper inserted. (One user offered this solution to the problem). CS support tell me that normally this can be resolved with ‘correct configuration’ so you might like to ask them to take a look if you get this issue.

Once you have seen your correct balance then click the ‘Test Captcha Sniper’ button and it should show:

I strongly recommend you check the settings in Captcha Sniper each time you start it, it has a tendency to turn on the ‘Hosts file redirect’, you should also check each time that you are getting a valid captcha balance back, this proves the hosts file has not been messed with.

Right now the final step is to select the captcha types you want to solve, at release XCr did not support the “Captcha_Platform” detection mode, which only came out about a week before XCr, however we are expecting it will soon. As such you need to manually pick the captcha types, for instance ‘bookmarks sites’. You can’t just pick everything, if you do then you get ‘Size Conflict’ errors. Captcha Sniper seems to detect the captcha type by the size of the image, if you have everything ticked then it will get to a captcha and not know which type it is. Once XCr passes the Captcha type through to CS this step will not be needed.

You can now run your Nukes and some of your Captcha will be solved for free.

Which To Use

Personally I don’t use Captcha Sniper anymore, I have the license and I will look at it again from time to time, but the hassles of getting it running and keeping it running were too high compared with the tiny savings it makes. In other applications Captcha Sniper has more use but SEnuke is really heavy on re-Captcha. Once the SEnuke team have added in the “captcha_platform” option then it will be able to sit a little more quietly on the computer.

If you are trying to keep your captcha costs down I would advise adjusting your strategy is better than going for a basic OCR captcha solving solution like Captcha Sniper. Pick templates or designs with less profile requirements, and don’t use the Forum Profile Nuke. You can go to Fiverr and get 10-20,000 profiles created with Xrumer for $5, far cheaper than the captcha costs in SEnuke if thats what you want to do.

For now all Zont SEO machines are setup with the SEnuke Spetsnaz Configuration, with some using DBC and others using ImageTyperz as the backup solution.


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