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So you have read about what proxies and VPNs are, which one to use? Well lets cover this with a good old fashioned race. Sorry no videos here, to many failed attempts and errors when conducting these tests.

I split the testing in two, one set of tests from a server outside the USA and another for one in the USA. I thought they might yield different results, which would then help people around the world to pick the best option. However it turned out the results were the same.

In each case I tested the server on its own without proxies, and then multiple tests for Squid, HMA and the built in SEnuke proxies. Normally you can’t test the SEnuke built in proxies, but I am not going to let something like that get in my way!

I have not included the Speedtest results in the normal form for my own dedicated server or private proxies, as I simply have no intention on giving its location away. It is, as you can see, located outside the USA.

Please note that the built in SEnuke proxies are not available anymore, they are left here for historical purposes.

The Results:

1. Server Based Outside the USA

No Proxy – Dedicated Server

Squid Proxies

Hide My Ass (USA)

My Own Proxies

SEnuke Built In Proxies (Random Choice)


The shock here is that Squid Proxies have come out on top of HMA, and this is not something I really expected. As for the SEnuke proxies, well one was awful and the other was OK, so if you are using those then you are going to need to keep an eye on them. Unfortunately you can’t normally run speedtests on them so there will be no way for you to know how fast they are. The slow one reported a response speed of 0.05s, while the faster one was 0.54s.


2. USA Based VPS

The server used is a ‘Value VPS‘ which was the slowest of all the VPS we offer, it is not available any more but was approximately half the power of the Deluxe VPS through the same link.

No Proxy

Squid Proxies

Hide My Ass (USA)

SEnuke Built In Proxies (Same proxies as before)

Again Squid Proxies. The SEnuke proxies work a little better, but again you can see they are massively slower than both Squid and HMA. They are also more variable, and as I said before because you have not way of telling the speeds its very hard for you to be sure you got a good one. You will only know when your account creations keep failing.

There really is only one conclusion from this, Squid Proxies are not only faster but they are more resistant to spam complaints AND they are fully integrated with SEnuke. Given that using the BHWONLY discount code you can get 10 proxies for $18 a month.

HMA is really not an option, firstly they are slow and secondly you violate their TOS by using SEnuke through their IPs. Why do so many people advocate their use? Well that’s easy they offer a 100% affiliate payout on the first month, that’s far higher than any proxy company and easily enough to get hundreds of affiliates to promote them.

Alternatively, and untested here but of excellent quality, you can grab some Semi Private proxies and get 10 proxies for only $10.



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