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Better Autospun Content

Is it possible to get better autospun content for SEnuke? Well nearly… Anybody who reads all the posts on this site will know that generally speaking we hate autospun content.

With The Best Spinner you can either set it to ‘best quality’ and end up with a moderately readable article with little spun content, or set to spin more and end up with garbage. This is because such spinners only have synonym lists, they do not actually understand the context. For instance the word ‘set’ has 464 different definitions in the Oxford English Dictionary, ‘strike’ has 250 and there are many more examples. So TBS has little to no idea what ‘he set the house on fire’ is all about, did the person actually set a house on fire, or simply excite the crowd?

Recently I have been testing out a new spinner that claims to understand context, and thus provide better spins, and it works… sort of. The program is still in beta, and it certainly it not generating perfect spins each and every time however it does create much better autospun content than The Best Spinner.

For example:

Quality autospin content for SEnuke

Here we can see that the spinner understands that ‘atmosphere’ in this sense is about the mood of the room and not about the stuff we breath in and out every day. Other spinners like TBS don’t have this function:

The Best Spinner does not understand context

Here you can see The Best Spinner has offered us air, fresh air, air flow, oxygen and many more words which do not fit at all.

As I have said this tool is not perfect and it does not integrate with SEnuke, so you do have to manually copy article in and out of it. However if you want something to produce autospins for a reasonable price then this is it. If you want absolute top quality autospin that uses a form of artificial intelligence to rewrite the articles then take a look at WordAI, but be prepared to pay for the privilege as it is about $49 per month for the turing spinner (which you need).

SpinRewriter is web based, so you do need an internet connection to use it. It also does not run in IE9 at the moment, so you will need a copy of Firefox or Chrome to test it out. Obviously it works on PC, Mac, Linux or even my Android tablet.

There is a free trial, and then it is currently $27 a month (or $59.10 for yearly memberships… guess which one we bought).

It is certainly worth checking out:


For even better content but a heavier price try out



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