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11-07: The Original Full Monty

This guide to the original Full Monty is free. Please be aware there is now a version 4 of this template that ships with SEnuke XCr. Version 4 is drastically different to the version covered in this guide.

If there is one template I get asked for on an almost daily basis it’s The Full Monty, which was given away to those people who signed up to the SEnuke X launch emails. Normally we will not be including templates for free of the site rather they will be part of the DEFCON 3 package, however seeing as this template has already been given away free it shall remain free!

For those of you who missed out in April, and anybody else who likes the template, I offer here the original version. It is essentially the same, except for the fact the custom names for each element are in place. When SEnuke was released there was a bug and these names could not be transferred between different computers, that bug has long since been fixed and so you can now see The Full Monty how I see it.

Why does this matter? Well if you are just running The Full Monty as is then probably does not, but if you like to go in after the wizard is complete and tweak your Full Monty then the names make life much easier because you can easily identify each element.

For instance all names start with the Tier level, this template has 2 Tiers. It then separates each of the 3 Tier 1 Social Network (SN) Nukes in to A,B and C groups.

Abbreviations used should be clear:

  1. SN = Social Network
  2. AD = Article Directory
  3. PR = Press Release
  4. FP = Forum Profiles
  5. WEB2 = Web2 Profiles
  6. Video = Video
  7. RSS = RSS

Now the most important thing I have to stress is when using The Full Monty you need to use quality content for the Social Networks. I am not saying you need to use unique content, though that is preferable, but you need to ensure what you produce here does not get deleted. If this level gets deleted then any SB, RSS, FP etc. you have in Tier 2 linking in will be wasted.

You can however limit this impact by ensuring for instance that your FP link to at 2 SN, thus if one SN is deleted you you FP still stands a reasonable chance of linking to the other one. However use quality content and this will not be a problem.

If you are at all confused by all this just check out the video demonstration of using the template.

I have also included the original ‘Safe 3 Way Attack‘, and I am amazed this one was not so popular. The vast majority of people took The Full Monty and removed video, PR and AD before they used it. Removing these essentially turned the template in to the ‘Safe 3 Way Attack’.

On a personal note I have to say that despite its popularity I am not a fan of The Full Monty, while it may carry the punch it does not have any finesse.

You can download your copy from the link above, depending upon your computer configuration you may need to ‘right click’ and select ‘Save As’ or ‘Save Target As’

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