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11-08: The Power of One

To hell with one template a month, here is this months third template. Its a very simple one this time, but is does have its own unique power. The idea here is to create a strong Social Network Nuke site, which itself in empowered by several social networks and profiles.

Now don’t jump the gun on this one, its important to set this up right. You will see we have not chained the Web2 or Forum profiles, this is because of the scheduler issue we have mentioned many times. There are as such 3 distinct periods that this template will run.

  • First the ‘accounts creation’ and ‘T1 SN’ will run, once complete:
  • Second ‘Web 2.0 Profile 1’ and ‘T2 SN’ will run, with indexing and RSS completed each day on the ‘T2 SN’. Once complete:
  • Thirdly ‘T3 FP (T2 SN)’ will run, and then the project is complete.

Remember the titles you set for the articles in the two Social Network Nukes will become the actual anchor texts used for links built in both profile nukes, so the titles should be niche related. Also every time it asks for the number of links to place you should only select one (1). As always do not use auto spun content, if you do then you will be wasting your time.

To run this you only need one set of account profiles to be created. After you export/build the project from the wizard you need to do a couple of edits.

  1. Open ‘T1 SN’ and deselect ALL accounts. Now manually pick between 5-7 accounts, they can be any accounts but I suggest not Squidoo or any others you find often get deleted. It is however popular to select the higher PR accounts for this stage. Once you have done this close ‘T1 SN’
  2. Open ‘T2 SN’ and deselect the 5-7 account you selected in step 1. Once you have done this close ‘T2 SN’

Now you can let the project run. Do not discount this template because it looks simple, you are actually creating a nice powerful backlink structure.

As always we have a video guide to go with this template, only 12 minutes this time but it covers all the important points.

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