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Video & PDF Guide to SEnuke X

This guide relates to the now defunct SEnuke X. We have new guides for SEnuke TNG.

These guides shows you how to complete your very first nuke, comprising of:

  • Account Creations
  • Social Network Sites
  • Bookmarking
  • RSS Feed Distribution
  • Indexing
  • Article Nuke

By the end of the PDF or video you should have a better understanding of how to use SEnuke X, and this will make it much easier as we move on to the more advanced areas of the program. Please note these guides only cover ‘how’ to do things, if you want to understand ‘why’ you will need to read the guides in the advanced section.

Now just to show you how fast SEnuke X changes within 2 days of releasing this PDF the program was updated to Version 1.2, the major change now is that the submit windows for Social Network nuke are gone, and it has now moved entirely to sockets based submits. Thus you should not worry yourself too much if when you start your submit after going through this guide if you don’t get screens quite the same as we have demonstrated. Once the transfer to sockets is fully complete we will update the guide to show the new submit windows.

You can download your copy from the link below, depending upon your computer configuration you may need to ‘right click’ and select ‘Save As’ or ‘Save Target As’

Free SEnuke X Basic Guide

The Video Below roughly follows the PDF guide. I apologize for not re-sizing the window properly during Social Network nuke, but you miss nothing important… and it is free! I will redo the video one day…
The video itself is 800×600, if you want to see it in full resolution double click it to play full screen.

(Double click the video for fullscreen HD quality)

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