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SEnuke XCr Beginners Tutorial

This FREE SEnuke XCr Beginners PDF Guide and Video will show you the very basics of how you can setup and get started with SEnuke XCr.

Before you read the guide if you have just landed on this page I urge you to take a look at our How To Use Zont SEO guide, because it links to several more free guides which show you far more than the PDF below when it comes to configuring SENuke and finding content.


The PDF guide will show you how to make use of the Turbo Wizard and also how to setup a campaign without the use of either the turbo wizard or the standard wizard. Once you get to know how you can do this then you will have a far better understanding of how the whole system works and will find our more advanced tutorials even better value as you get to know the system better.

The videos are also free BUT you will only see them once you have liked the page.

Please note that the guides here were created while the system was in the final stages of BETA, there are however no significant differences between this and the release version.

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