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Adding Generic Anchors to SEnuke

Adding generic links is not as simple as you may think. If you just add them to your keywords list then you will find that what you write no long make sense once the keywords are put in.

Recently we got asked this question:

With the nuke updates I am finding it hard to add generic keywords into my social network campaigns.

For example with keyword: raspberries, strawberries

If I make generic keywords like “Click here for more information” or “visit my website here”

Add #links# a couple times in my article

Now my article reads like this:
Click here for more information can be healthy for you.

Instead of like this:
Raspberries can be healthy for you.

One solution is to not run with these anchors in your main nuke, then later run a nuke on its own that just targets these anchors. In that one you can add in generic text something like:

{To learn more|To find out more}

and then keywords like {Click here|visit|go here|go to}

Its not so important that each nuke balances your anchors just that in general it does.

The other option is to hard code the above in to your normal nukes. So in the nuke itself you have the #links# which are your normal keywords and anchors to your moneysite, then at the bottom you put the above, and possibly with a blank spin too like:

{|{To learn more|To find out more} <a href=””> {Click here|visit|go here|go to}</a>}

Thus in every other post it would add a generic link. You can go one step further if you like and tidy this up by using the same generic list of anchors in a proper SEnuke links list.

For instance you could create an anchor links list called ‘GenericAnchors’ and then in your Nuke all you would need to do is add:

{|{To learn more|To find out more} {|{To learn more|To find out more} #randurls[1|1|,|GenericAnchors|]#}}

As way of an example this is show in the following video:

Double Click video for full screen HD

See ‘Working with Links Lists‘ for a little more on how they work.


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