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Longtail Title Creation

We have talked in the past about how important titles are, the titles of one tier become the anchor text for the next.

Typically we want anchors to be the following:

  • T1 to MS: Main Keywords
  • T2 to T1: Longtail Keywords
  • T3 Onwards: Niche Relevant

Now of course we must not forget that we need T1 to MS links that are generic, LSI, URL only etc etc. What we are talking about here are when we are doing our primary best Nukes, the ones which truly focus on our keywords. Remember the % of backlinks that are generic terms is not important on a per Nuke basis its the overall % across all your backlinking that counts.

So rather than using the poor titles that come with Article Builder and the Leading Articles we can make our own totally keyword specific longtail titles with ease using Keyword Researcher, the same tool used for the Enhanced Keyword List strategy which has been a wild success.

You can combine this title method with our mass title change method, to replace all the titles in your campaign in 60 seconds or less.

You will see a number of these are geographically orientated, but the important thing to remember is these are all 100% relevant to the keyword. We know this because Google is the one that told us all about them!

The other free tools used in this method are:


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