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Advanced Email Tactics

The email you use is the very foundation of your entire SEnuke campaign, yet it is perhaps the most overlooked part of SEnuke. How many of us just download a pre-created hotmail account and don’t think any more about? I know I am often guilty of that.

However it is important to note that the email address you use is one of the common factors that can be used to detect spam. We already know that sites like StopForumSpam keep a watchfall eye on signups, go there and search for some of the emails you used in SEnuke a couple of weeks ago. You will probably find some, along with the IP you were using and the sites your were promoting. That IP can then be tracked back to other submissions you have done, perhaps with a different email and links. There are plugins for WordPress sites that do the same thing now, and no doubt we will be seeing more of this sort of thing in the future.

One way to minimise these footprint risk is to use aliases or a catchall. They both similar, though a catchall can have more variations than a aliase based setup.

With both an alias and a catchall you are essentially using several email address, but those all point to one other email address from which you collect the email so:

So the websites only see the alias addresses, and SEnuke only collects mail from the MasterEmail.

We can do this a number of way, but most commonly it will be done either with a domain you own OR a 3rd party mail system. The main disadvantage of using your own domain is that it will probably get the domain marked as a spam domain before too long. This is not a problem with 3rd party mail systems because sites do not like banning such generic mails as,, etc.

We will show you the two main methods:

1. Using Aliases


Using a program called SuperHAC we can create our own emails, and for each email we can create 10 aliases. We are allowed to create 3 emails per day per IP, so if you have 10 proxies you can make 30 emails a day each with 10 aliases, thats 330 emails a day from just 10 proxies! Ideally you would be using private proxies, so nobody else has already used up your daily allocation, so as always we recommend Squid Proxies (and to use the 25% off discount code ‘BHWONLY’). Of course if you don’t need to create more than 3 emails a day then you have no need for proxies.

Next grab a copy of SuperHAC.  This program has many uses, and those of you running with GSA or Xrumer are going to find a lot more uses for it I am sure (if you want to use aliases in GSA its pretty much the same method as we outline here for SEnuke, or if you have plenty of proxies you can just create hundreds of accounts).

For this example I set SuperHAC to create 2 emails each with 10 aliases, which is enough for two SEnuke campaigns, and the screen looked like this:

SuperHAC config

Each part of SuperHAC has a (?) which tells you what those options do, they are well worth reading. It is very important to make sure ‘Add inbox rule’ is checked.

For the ‘Custom Usernames’ you can either make yourself some text lists of ‘firstname’,’lastname’,’DOB’ or even add in keywords here. Don’t make the email address to oviously spammy though. I use a list of 100,000 first names, 10,000 surnames and select dates/numbers/phrases, though now and then I do add in keywords if I can slip them in.

Click run, and wait a while. Make a cup of tea perhaps. When you get back you will find a list at the bottom of SuperHAC of all the account created, but more importantly if you go to the folder where you installed it you will find a new folder called “superhac-account-database” and inside that a new folder marked with the current time and date. Inside that folder will be 2 files for every email you have created. The first will contain the master account username and password at the top and then the aliases below it. The second will have the words ‘spun-emails’ in it and that will contain all 11 emails in a pre-spun format.

So by way of example we have:

[email protected]

SuperHac Default Output

[email protected]

SuperHAC Spun Emails

To use this in SEnuke we simply copy the spintax emails, from the second file, in to the ‘Email Address’ section of ‘Account Creation’, ignore that it says you can’t spin in this field as it works fine.

SuperHAC Accounts Creation

In the image above you can’t see the emails in spintax properly because they are each quite long and thus flow over the line limits. In the image below I have used different accounts to the ones just created, these accounts have shorted names so the display better in SEnuke and lets you see the actual spintax in the example, with the longer names from above the emails end up showing 1 per line.

SuperHAC Account Creation


Then on the ‘Verify Emails’ tab click use the ‘Reset mail settings’ drop down box and select ‘Hotmail’ (use hotmail even if the email is Outlook or Live) and copy in the master email and password from line 1 of the text file.

SuperHAC Verify Email

Your accounts will now be created using one of the 11 emails which will all be forwarded to the one master email ([email protected],) for collection by SEnuke.

At the time of writing you can’t do this in the wizard, as it blocks you from adding in Spintax for the email field. You can however run your wizard as normal just using the master email (in this case [email protected]) and then edit the account creation projects to include the spintax emails after you complete the wizard.

I have made a request if we can enable spinning of emails within the wizard, we shall see if that gets granted or not.


2. Using A Catchall On A Domain You Own

Firstly you need to have the catchall setup for your domain, and this changes for each and every webhost out there. For instance on Hostgator it is not enabled by default, you need to get on the Live Chat and request it. So the first thing you need to do is go to your host and read their tutorials or ask them how to turn on Catchall Email for one of your domains.

Once that is setup if you mail server is POP3 only then you are going to need to either disable the spam folder or setup a forwarder so that any mail that goes to spam box is moved to the normal email box. If you have IMAP access, and most servers do, then you will not need to bother doing that, but you will need to login and look what your spam folder is called. Sometimes its ‘spam’ or ‘junk’ etc.

Then you open ‘SEnuke’ > ‘Options’ > ‘Email’ and fill in the details for your host, again these change for every provider:

SEnuke Email Catchall

Click save, there is no function to test here.

Then to use the catchall:

Outside of the Wizard

In Account Creation

Emai Catchall In Account Creation

In the email address field you can add anything you want, as long as it ends in ‘’ and you have not used it before. As we have configured ‘’ as a catchall then anything that comes to it, not matter what the first part of the address, will be accepted. In the example above we have even used spintax, it says you cant use it but we have never had a problem running spintax on the emails. However remember its important you dont try and use the same address a second time in the future nuke. You can use a name generator, or the one built in to Scrapebox, and make a list of 10,000 names and then delete them as you use them up.

In Verify Emails

Use the ‘reset mail settings’ box to select ‘Custom Email’

Reset Mail Settings

This will load in the settings we added in the options menu.

Within The Wizard

Currently you cant spin email within the wizard, we have requested this restriction to be removed

Catchall In Wizard

You have to manually type in the details each time as there is no option to preselect them, unlike in normal account creation. Plus you are limited to no spun emails. Please remember to tick the ‘Check SPAM Folder’ box if you are using IMAP, we have missed that in the image above.




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