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Backlink Indexing

Please note that unlike other peoples ‘tests’ this was not sponsored, or approved, by any of the services used and we bought all the accounts used.

A link that is not indexed has little value, though it does still have some. However with the volume of links SEO tools can produce getting them indexed is not always an easy task. Thankfully there are a number of services out there that will help you get the most from each and every link you have. In previous years we have tested these services before and found, as expected then, that similar style services produced similar results. We say similar style as there are generally two approaches:

  • Creating temporary noise about the link through RSS, pings and low quality links
  • Creating long term high value links to them

These can generally be distinguished by the volume of links you can push through the system, with the latter normally being limited to a few thousand per day at most whilst the former can often cope with tens if not hundreds of thousands per day. The ‘noise’ making solutions do not produce the best results when it comes to indexing, but they do have their place in getting the spiders through your link chains and if done on the lower tiers they can assist in getting the higher tiers indexed. That however seems like hard work to us, and a false economy, so we are only really going to be looking at true indexers here. That is services which specifically claim to get your links indexed rather than just implying it for marketing reasons. Note: We have seen a number of tests over the years where a true indexing service has been pitted against the other types of service and is then proclaimed the winner ‘by a mile’ … well it would be as that’s an unfair comparison! Starting May 1st 2014 we have run 600 links through 4 different true indexing solution, 1 free ‘noise’ making solution and a control set. The links are a random mix of SEnuke and other SEO packages.

Important: There will of course be a degree of uncontrollable attributes to this test, as there are in most SEO tests, so if the results are within 5% we would say they are the same, 5-10% would be regarding as close and no definite winner can be picked, whilst greater than 10% would be decisive. We will run the tests for the long term, as we suspect there could be a discrepancy between some services short and long term success.

Final Results

For those who don’t read all the above please note the links we used were over 2 months old, but less than 3 months. So they are links that did not naturally index, yet were of sufficient quality to remain live for 8+ weeks. By their very nature these will be harder links to index than normal so we will expect to get lower than average results. Our test here is to see which service can cope with these harder links, as any service can copy with easy links.

Day 1 May 3rd 2014

We will get a chart going above once we have a few days worth of results

After one day we have seen some movement, but what can we read from this? Well nothing if we are honest, many of the services will hardly have started processing the links yet, for at least two only about 50 links will have gone through so far. Remember we used the default options, so whilst the likes of Instant Links Indexer have the ability to process all your links at once that’s not default so we have not used it. It is going to take up to 12 days for all the services to have processed all the links, and the likes of Xindexer it will be 28 days before the whole process is complete. That is why we are expecting to see different results for short and long term success. If I was to read anything it would be that Link Centaur did more than was expected, only 50 links have gone in so far so it has actually run at 4% indexed … however it’s quite probably that’s as much as we will get out of the service. If we get over 10% from them by the end I will be very impressed.

Day 3 May 5th 2014

Day 6 May 8th 2014

Day 3 was of little interest, everything continued to rise other than Link Centaur which has gone pretty much how we thought… ie its going to stick at a very low rate overall. The only noticeable movement so was was Xindexer, which was not expected, at more than double the date of anybody else as we approach the end of the first week. This was the result we expected for One Hour or Instant Links Indexer, except we should remember those services have been working on a default drip feed basis. We can however certainly say that these services are all doing something, there is no doubt about that. Long term is what will count though, and we expect over the next 10-14 days the results will start to even out a little.

Day 9 May 11th 2014

At the moment Xindexer is still producing results that are almost as good as all the other services combined. Our drip feeds however are still not complete, so the fight it still on.

Day 12 May 14th

Some concerns our side that we may have made this test just a little too hard, as we were not expecting such low results from some of these services. We will probably run another test using only premium quality links from Social Networks at some point. Why? Well our test here was to see what the services could do when presented with the worst of the worst links, in the belief that if they can index the harder links they can certainly index the easier ones. However some strategies would rely more on speedy indexing of medium to high quality links rather than long term indexing. That is we may well find that Instant Links Indexer can more rapidly index a set of Social Network links than Xindexer can, thus your choice would not only depend upon which service had the highest link indexing ratio but also upon what your actual goals are. As always its likely the answer will not be totally black and white.

Day 15 – May 17th

Firstly I have had to correct the Day 12 test results as I put a formula in wrong, this gave Backlinks Indexer a higher score than it should have had. Instant Link Indexer has had a large jump and that could be something they call ‘index dance’. Their service promises to get your links indexed fast, in a few hours, but there is a reported issue that links are indexed and then de-indexed… only to be reindexed again a few days afterwards. This is much the same as when we run a Nuke and you rankings go up, then plunge before coming back up again. As we are only testing every 3 days we did not get to see the initial index results, so we shall now wait and see if the rate continues to climb or if it was a temporary increase in indexing rates only.


Day 18 – May 20th

We can make an assumption already at this point, Xindexer and Backlinks Indexer are using similar methods to each other as are Instant Links Indexer and One Hour Indexing… but those two groups are using different methods to each other. This would also explain why the latter two offer much larger volumes of link indexing for the price. Now this is a shame because we can speculate here than yes Xindexer et al will be better for indexing lower quality links BUT they are volume restricted so you cant push in your 2000 T2 links in to the system without paying a huge cost. Equally the other two services have volumes that are complete over kill for T1 user, the level we are presuming at the moment they will index nicely and too low a success rate to bother with for the more junky links.

We are going to keep running with this for a while… but as promised we will run a second set of tests before too long because we still believe the choice of Indexing service is going to be more about the way you work with SEnuke than the exact results we will get here.


Day 24 – May 26th

We have moved over to 6 day testing, the increase rates each time are low and as such 3 days now seems overkill. Two interesting points:

  • Two services presented identical numbers
  • Xindexer results dropped down

However right now everything seems to be converging in two areas, the 10% mark and the 7% mark… how this particular project continues will depends on the next results.


Day 30 – June 1st

Well we have certainly seen some changes with three services making huge gains, whilst Xindexer merely recovered lost ground. However what is interesting is the control group has now moved up to 0.83% indexed. That hints to use that some of this change is down to Google, ie they have made changes to what they are indexing. This does go to show you that the whole matter is complex, and not stable, ie just because you are or are not indexed today does not mean things will be the same tomorrow. One thing that has always worried us about indexing services are the footprints they might create, however as always there is no point worrying today about changes that might happen in the future. Your aim as always is to make hay while the sun shines.

However because of  these massive changes we do need to continue looking at the numbers for a few more weeks.


Day 36 – June 7th

It was a holiday weekend here in Oz so whilst I took the readings I did not make the post, lazy I know! Firstly I again my a silly error and got the maths wrong on the control indexed rates last time, we said it was 2% but it was actually 0.83%. The error was made simply because we have to run things through the index checker twice sometimes and as such I just read out the second number results without even thinking.

We have actually now seen Xindexer slump to 4th place, which was not of course expected. However as we said originally there are large margins of error in this experiment, whilst the links were spread out randomly it only takes a few good links in one list and a couple of extra bad links in another to start skewing the results. Thus at the moment it is still quite valid to say all the indexing solutions are actually running pretty much neck and neck, with perhaps a slight advantage to Backlinks Indexer. However right now considering the costs involved Instant Links Indexer and One Hour Indexing are clearly better bang for your money.

One other point though is that all the services have trended upwards, with the exception so far of Xindexer which has had two large falls, One Hour Indexing had a small fall near the start which we attributed to the ‘Indexing Dance’. It could well be interesting to see if they all smooth out, or if they all start to go up and down.

The other point of interest from the graph is how often the increased made by the services are parallel to each other, that is they frequently make similar gains to each other each time. In particular after the Google SERPs update late May, when we got a large jump for most services results.


Day 42 – June 13th

Fairly static. Really that’s about all we can draw from this, though it is interesting to note that they were all fairly static. None of the services are of course actively doing anything anymore, we are only at the whims of Google. Backlinks Indexer has hit exactly 5% over Xindexer, and that was the point where we did say we could define something as being better, though not definitively.

Again though given the costs I would be inclined with One Hour Indexing or Instant Links Indexer, we actually use the latter simply because it was so easy to integrate in to SEnuke and we already knew how to do it:

To use InstantLinkIndexer in SEnuke simply add a toolbox to the campaign, attach it to one of the last project to run and configure that toolbox as follows:

  • URL:
  • Parameter Name: urls
  • URL List: ‘Select All’ (Optional remove MoneySite url list)

Within the Instant Links Indexer control panel we also suggest you turn on the drip feed function, check with their support if you need more help on that.


Day 48 – June 19th

Yes next time we should do these reports in reverse order so the latest is at the top … live and learn!

A bit of a challenge this time getting the tests done, indexing checking thousands of links requires quite a few proxies and of course proxies that work with Google. That is of course why most people cant run these tests, we normally have 200-300 none SEO proxies available for this purpose however for various reasons only 120 were working this time which made checking a slower process than normal.

We have seen almost no movement in the past 6 days, in fact the only real surprise here is the Back Links Indexer does continue to move up slightly… no idea whats going on there as the service in theory is over, however it’s possible the way they promote the links results them receiving future promotions as they run their service for other peoples links.

We will run the tests again in 6 days just to see where Backlinks Indexer goes next, the rest do seem to have leveled out and interestingly they have all done so within 1% of each other. Considering these links were hard ones to index we find an almost 20% indexing rate from Backlinks Indexer to be quite impressive… of course there is the question ‘if these links are so hard to index do we really want them anyway?’ … something we should probably have a think about.


Day 54 – June 25th

That’s all folks! In this case Backlinks Indexer was a winner, just…. not exactly a runaway definitive win though …. BUT as it is not integrated in to SEnuke if I was to pay that sort of money, which I do, I would go with XIndexer still just for its ease of use. If you want to save money and are happy to not run with an integrated option (yet…) then our money is on Instant Links Indexer, which as we have already said is pretty easy to integrate in to SEnuke using the toolbox (they have full help on their site covering this).

Again I want to remind you this was all about harder links, you are going to have higher success rates with regular SEnuke links than we have had here.

We must also remember past performance is no guarentee of future results, after all until the late May Google update Xindexer was in the lead…. who knows what the next update will bring.

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