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Extra Backlinks & Income

Selling Links

If you some sites with decent PR on them you can easily sell the links to people. Now you are not going to get much money for a PR1,2 or 3. However as we have shown it is not the hard to find PR 4,5 or 6 and even PR7 domains.

If you pick yourself a theme that has a good widget area you can easily insert contextual links, these are not like blogroll links (mentioned below) but they are a higher quality link where you write a small paragraph of text and include a link. If you look on our frontpage for isntance you will see there are 3 boxes at the top of the page above the posts, and 3 at the bottom below the posts. You could easily use this space for this purpose.

You are not going to get rich, but you will more than cover your domain costs with ease.

Automatic Backlinks

Now this is perhaps more controversial than blog networks itself, however if you are in to taking some more risks, and you are in a network that allows it, you can get some extra high PR backlinks.

There is a service called Automatic Backlinks which puts links to other peoples sites on your pages in a place of your choosing, and then gives you credit enabling you to have links on other peoples sites.

Now this are NOT reciprocal links, that is its not you give a link to a site and get one back. Once you have link credit you can add links to any site on the Internet, it does not have to be one you are earning credits from even. Thus you can earn credits based upon the PR of your sites in your blog network, and spend them promoting other sites you own.

Automatic BacklinksTo try and set some level of quality to the sites they do actually insist any sites added have an SEOMoz score of at least 1 as well, so that will rule out many sites that have a PR1-2 but low quality. You do get to approve/review any backlink you are offered, so if it does not fit your needs you can say no. Once you accept it then it is your for as long as you want (assuming the page is not deleted or lose PR, if it is you get your credit back).

I will not reinvent the wheel and show you how to set it all up, they have a good guide covering it.

Personally if I was to use this service I would not be pointing any of the links back at my moneysite, the links you get while high PR are quite poor in the sense they are not contextual.


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