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Finding High PR Domains

To join any network you are going to need at least one domain, ideally you want to buy domains with PageRank (PR). If creating your own network you can or course start with totally new domains, and in fact when its your own network there is some sense in having a few new domains in there, but for maximum effect some aged domains with a few PR points are just what you need. Different blog network systems have different rules, Fightback Network for instance requires the domains to be indexed and then each network within Fightback will have its own PR requirements.

Ideally you will be looking for domains that are either niche related or generic. You are not going to get far promoting your Legal Services websites with a blog called ‘’, but you would get away with ‘’ as that’s highly generic. You also really want to be looking for a domain that is more than 1 year old, and that has some backlinks. A domain with a PR3 thats only a year old and has minimal backlinks might be OK for now, but its highly likely to lose that PR on the next update so be aware when purchasing. If its only costing you a few dollars then fine, but don’t go investing proper money if you are not sure.

Researching PR Domains (New Method)

If you want to get a good domain where the PR is likely to stick you need to look in to the history of the domain a bit, nothing is perfect so we are not saying if you follow this method you PR will definitely remain but you should find in the majority of cases it will.

Everything we are going to do here can be done for free, you can make an account at to do the initial research and then create trial accounts at aHref or Raven Tools to do the research. If there is one thing I have learned over the years it’s that free often costs a lot of money. The problem with ExpiredDomains is that, mainly for actual fully expired domains, they have many listed that have already been bought. So you spend your time researching domains you can’t actually buy. Plus much of the research you do has to be done at other sites, copying and pasting domains in if they are not sites directly supported by ExpiredDomains, and of course having to either create new trial accounts each month or paying for access. Though we should remember it is free.

Personally I like FreshDrop to look for high PR sites (though I like them a lot less since they did the makeover in 2013). It does cost $20/month for the pro account, they have a free version too but I don’t know the limitations other than it does not show PR (which makes it a bit useless), it gives me all the basic info I need in one place and has frequent updates, every few hours in some cases. Sure if I was looking to buy some $2,000 PR7 domain I would probably invest in some more data tool as well.. but that’s a different story. What I am normally looking for is something PR2-4 thats going to cost me <$20 including all fees.

$5 .Com with Free Private Registration at!

You can buy domains from a number of auction houses, but the cheapest domains to grab are ones that have expired already, then nab them at GoDaddy, Namecheap, Internet.BS or whatever company you like to buy domains from. It’s true by this point the very best ones will have already been taken, for instance at GoDaddy there are 3 stages to the process of domains getting dropped:

  1. The domains go for general auction where users places bids on them
  2. If it does not get any bids it moves to a ‘buy now’ for the last 24 hours, normally $5-12
  3. If there is still not sale the domain is cancelled and goes back to the general pool

Once the domain is back in the general pool you can buy it for just the new domain costs, which can be as low as $5 including privacy. If you follow our methods below then there is an extremely good chance the PR will remain, because we are buying a domain with history.

Now FreshDrop do not have a very good guide to using their site, so as always it is up to us to show you how to find the domains you need! If you are using the free tools method then the basics of what we show here will be the same, it will just take you a bit longer to complete with more errors and dead ends along the way.

Of course you can spend longer researching things than that if you like, but in all honesty when we are talking about buying <$30 domains, and in particular when we find the $5 ones, then there really is no point wasting your time looking at more than the backlinks, number of c-class and domain age.

One word of warning do not buy all your domains from the same place, well with the possible exception of GoDaddy. If you like to buy your domains from one of the smaller registrars then you will be setting yourself up with a footprint with regards to the domain WhoIs. You can pretty much get away with it in the case of GoDaddy though because they are so big, however if you can slip in a few other ones as well do so.

Minimal Effort Cheap PR Domains from GoDaddy (Old Method)

Firstly I advise you to use the method above to find your domains, the method below is how we used to do things in the past but things have moved on a bit since then and there are plenty of easy to use domain research tools available these days.

As mentioned above at GoDaddy you can often pickup domains for a few dollars, plus the renewal fees of course which are just standard domain registration costs ($3-10 typically).

Domain Auctions: Find, Buy & Sell Domain Names

Now if you follow the method below rather than the one above you are not going to be getting the very best PR domains for your money, it will be pot luck to be honest. So next time their is a PR update you stand a high chance of losing some or all of the PR. It is rare for sites that were PR3,4,5 to drop down to nothing but it can happen. The advantage of this method is that it requires little effort on your behalf and will generally give you a large list of PR sites, if you just need a quick PR hit for minimal cost of time and money then read on…

You are going to have to follow a procedure, and you will need to invest in a GoDaddy auction account, however those only cost a couple of dollars a year. You will also need to invest $10 in a PageRank Checker, while I know you can check PR for free you go and try checking 70,000 PR with scrapebox and you will soon be willing to invest $10!

If you find more than you need you can of course snap them up and sell them yourself!


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