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Getting Content

Here we are talking about content again… because, as always we need more of it than we can ever get our hands on!

Of course you could just write your own content… and for some posts there is some honest value in doing that. However for the majority of the time we want to keep this as easy as possible.

Firstly while I would not rely on them entirely you can of course grab content from the same places as we use for SEnuke, and thus if you have not already done so please read ‘Getting content for SEnuke‘ page. However you may struggle to use Article Builder or The Leading Articles on their own if you plan on using some of the existing networks.

Many of the existing FightBack Networks, and in fact the Zont SEO network too, require you to pass a uniqueness test with copyscape. As you will know when it comes to Nuking we don’t agree with the use of copyscape, because it is not able to tell the difference between copied content and quoted content. That is the content can be totally unique in the way it is presented as a whole, but on a line by line basis it will fail copyscape. If you are creating your own network then it is of course totally up to you if you want to use the CopyScape feature or not. Do not use the Article Builder function ‘Encode to pass copyscape’ and this will get picked up and your posts not approved, this is called UNICODE writing which is just worthless.

With a blog network we are trying to protect the integrity of the network, and thus we don’t want a network filled with exactly the same content over and over again. If you just filled your network with Article Builder content its going to stick out at some point. So if you want to use their content you are probably going to need to spin it with either Spin Re-Writer or WordAI Turing spinner. Both of those should give you enough uniqueness to pass through.

If you decide to use Kontent Machine then you will need to play with the settings quite a bit, and again ideally use Spin Re-Writer with it. WordAI does not work so well with Kontent Machine so thats not recommended.

AutoContent From Fightback Network

The easiest way to get content is to let Fightback Network do it for you, and this is included with your subscription to the service:

Fightback Network Autocontent

We highly recomend you go through the PDF manual that comes with Fightback Network before using this feature. However I can tell you one advantage to it is that you will not need to pass a Copyscape check when using it, because by its very nature the content will be unique enough.

Also the content it creates does not get auto posted, it gets auto created and then you have a chance to review it. You will need to review it a little because like all automated content it is not perfect, and remember ‘perfect’ for a blog network is lower than perfect for your Moneysite. Do remember that and don’t spend 100’s of hours making things read like a best selling novel! The point is 2-3 minutes reviewing and correcting is generally faster than trying to create content yourself.

Article Builder Through WordAI

The duplicate content checks will stop most Article Builder articles from working, but you can auto spin them in WordAI and get them working. However please note that this will not work for the most popular categories in Article Builder (like SEO) if you are using them for FightBack. For your own networks, or even Nukes, it will work fine though.

The limiting factor on this is the Word AI spinner does not like massive articles, so you need to limited your output from Article Builder to <3000 words. At a minimum configure Article Builder as follows:

AB Spinning

You can use super spun content if you like, but its not needed. Do not however use ‘Encode to pass copyscape’ or spin with TheBestSpinner options. You can change the articles to 5×500 words, 7×300 words etc. as you like. Click the ‘Build My Article’ and wait a few seconds. Then copy out the article you are given and put it in to the Word AI Turing spinner with the following settings:

AB Spinning WordAI

It is very important the second option is set as above, otherwise the spintax will always get broken. You need to set readability based on the niche your article came from. More popular AB categories will need a higher spin to get through Fightback, but will be fine for your own networks. Start with Readable, within a few attempts you will know what your niche needs.

Click the ‘Spin Now’ button and wait until the process is complete. If you get an issue with the article being too long try removing the titles first and seeing if that makes it short enough, the title is the first bit of spintax in the article.

You now have a WordAI spun Article Builder article that is both generally readable (certainly enough for blog networks) and more unique than the original. Depending on your use you can either use it in Spintax format, like in SEnuke, or you can flat spin it for use in Fightback.

Manual Borrowing & Spinning

You can grab content for your favourite sources:

They all have a different focus, so pop your niche keyword in to their searches and find that one that fits your niche best. Then copy out the text from an article you want, run it through Spin Rewriter or Word AI turing and you have a new article.

You can also take that article

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Yes honestly it’s a valid way of getting content, in fact you can use this for your website too if you do it right. If you want to stay ‘legal’ then pick something that is out of copyright, or even pre-copyright. You will want to check the laws in the country you live in with regards to what is copyrighted and what is not. Do do this on a worthwhile scale you will need a sheet feed scanner, many multi-purpose machines can do this, and some decent OCR software. Personally ABBYY is the only choice for this, but that’s probably because that’s what we used when I lived in Russia (being a Russian program, though it is available in English!).

Depending on your niche you can collect old journals or books from junk stores and just scan the text in, OCR it and you have content.

Adding Additional Content To Your Own Blogs

You can go one stage further and add extra content to the blogs you own, this is in addition to what you post with FightBack Networks. This can help give the blog content some more diversity, and also its an easy way to add in some content that has no links in it. After all you don’t really want every post on your blogs to have a link in them.

Both Article Builder and The Leading Articles can both auto post to your blogs:

In Article Builder it is simply called ‘Blogs’

ArticleBuilder Blogs

In The Leading Articles you will find it under ‘Tools’ – ‘Ultra Blog Toaster’

Leading Articles Toaster


You could even use WP-Robot if you so wanted, though we have personally given up on that one for a while now!


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