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Promoting Your Blog Network

Actual promotion of your networks is pretty much the same as promoting your Moneysite or your T1’s if you are following the Blueprint to Success. You take the URLs, preferably run the keywords for the page through the enhanced keyword method, and Nuke them. If you want to keep the costs down, which is understandable with a large network, then using the $0 Nuking method will work nicely.

There is however one small issue… what URLs to Nuke?

If you own your own blog network then of course you know the url’s for all of the links that are made within the network which makes it easier to setup some nuking campaigns pointing to your blog networks.

However, for those of you that have not used a blog network before, you are not always supplied with the urls of created links. The system at Fightback does ensure they are created and you are not cheated, that’s one reason for using such a system, but depending upon the network it may not tell you where they are. This is done by many networks to try and protect, hide, the network from being seen. This is fine but it makes it extremely hard to start boosting the urls with SEnuke when you don’t know what the urls are.

Well, ZontSEO to the rescue, we can show you how to get a good number of the urls. It is always best to not start building links until the urls are indexed which works in nicely with this network.

There are a couple of methods we can use to find our backlinks, though note none of them are going to be perfect.

Webmaster Tools Method

We are assuming that your money site has webmaster tools installed (remember the blog network should not), if not it should. So login to your webmaster tools panel and select the relevant site.

In the left hand menus there is a menu that says Traffic click that and then click Links To Your Site.

Click Links To Your Site

When you have done this you will see an overview screen where you will need to click the “more” button at the bottom.

links to your site

From there you can choose to download your content from the buttons shown below.

select download

I always choose to download both the table (button on the left) and the “download latest links” button on the right.

You will then be able to see the latest links that have been indexed by Google and credit passed through to your site. It is very common for SEnuke blasts to take a long time to appear in these lists, but Blog Network posts will appear far quicker.

Check out some of the urls that have appeared from the blog networks and add them to a list which you can use to nuke later.

Google does not always pick up links that quickly, however you can find links even quicker now by using Open Site Explorer as they have a new function called Just Discovered which informs you of links that there own crawlers have picked up most recently.

You could use the free version but to get the best results you should sign up for the 30 day free trial of SEOmoz which will give you all the data they have. Don’t worry, you can always cancel before the 30 days are up and it will cost you nothing and you have the data (and of course join again for another 30 days…).

Getting Your Latest Links From Open Site Explorer

When you open up Open Site Explorer make sure that you are logged in so you return the full results, then add your url that you were linking too and click Just-Discovered (Shown Below).

OSE Just Discovered


After you have done this you will get a table much like below. The thing to note here is the date discovered ie Today.

Normally the SEOmoz index updates once a month but the just discovered index updates frequently which means you get up to the minute data.

just discovered urls

Again, you would want to be going through these urls to search for blog network posts which would of been made. You can then extract these urls and add them to your nuking list.

One key here is that you do not want to go overboard on the linking, pick some smaller templates and spread them over a longer time. This creates a gentle linking structure which will boost the authority of the blog posts. Remember, don’t get carried away and start spamming them! They already have PR, so we are just ‘propping them up’ a little.


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