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Xrumer & Hrefer – How to Buy

For those who don’t know Xrumer can, with some hard work, do almost anything. You could replicate everything SEnuke does with Xrumer if you so desired, though it would be a bit of a nightmare given the number of different engines in SN thus I highly recommend you do not try this! However replacing software like LinkFarmEvolution with Xrumer would not be so difficult, given that it only posts to a select few platforms. In a nutshell Xrumer can fill in any form on any site, and in many cases crack the captcha using its inbuilt algorithms, sometimes even ReCaptcha will be done successfully.

It is because of this inbuilt captcha system that Xrumer is mostly used for mass postings to forums, web2, guestbooks etc. basically any collection of sites that share a common platform.

There is quite a lot of ‘smoke and mirrors’ surrounding Xrumer and the people who make it, but in all honesty they are not evil, abnormal or criminals. What you will however find it a number of other people waiting to take advantage of you, false sites to order it from, fake modifications, rip off lists and so on. Years ago the official website ranked No1, now for various reason they no longer even desire to rank No1 and as such doing a search in Google to ‘buy xrumer’ is more likely to get you scammed than anything else.

If you want to buy Xrumer then ONLY use the official site, and of course buy it through us! As of August 2012 it costs $590+$10/month (or $100/year).

Only buy Xrumer from the official source

As you can see I have paid up for a few years in advance, now that’s confidence in a product.

Now because this software in from Russia their payment systems are not that common to most people in the west. However they DO accept PayPal, but if you take that option you do have to wait a week or two before you get the product. Why? Well it is to stop you doing a refund request on them I presume. I know of nobody who has been scammed by these guys, they really have no need to scam you. You just have to sit out the few weeks patiently. Never try and scam them. No really. Don’t

(You will have to login to see the rest of this page about where to host your copy of Xrumer. If you don’t have an account join for free. After you login the rest of the page will magically appear. Honest!)




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