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SEnuke Inferno

SEnuke Inferno

I am going to do something I very rarely do, and that is tell you about another SEnuke related guide. I get to see a lot of SEnuke related material, some of it sent to me and some of it I find. While we genuinely do no backlink promotion of this site I do keep an eye on various Nuke related terms just to see whats going on out there and recently there has been quite a bit of ‘SEnuke Inferno’ related traffic.

Some of you may know Inferno already as he is active on the official SEnuke forums, he is one of the better known users along with Keliix, Tops, FatSteve and many other (check the list). Until Inferno PM’ed me a few weeks back our paths had only crossed a few times, even though he is a member here and has been with SEnuke for a long time. He told me he was making a strategy guide to SEnuke and asked if I would take a look.

So with some reservations I read through the PDF…

I will be honest and say I don’t personally agree with everything he says about setting up his Nukes, but the SEnuke Inferno strategy itself is totally sound. I also somewhat secretly ‘tested’ him about IM and SEnuke template design and his responses were quite accurate, in particular about template creation. Now I have not seen the actual templates he is giving away, and I think that is best because I don’t want to be subconsciously influenced by them, but if they live up to the design ideas I talked with him about they should be good ones. Personally I would take his strategy and use our methods of content creation and SEnuke XCr configuration, because quite frankly IMHO ours are better. (I may be just slightly biased)

SEnuke strategy guide from InfernoSEnuke Inferno is going to be released in about a weeks time (March 6th-7th as I am not sure what timezone) and you will probably hear quite a bit about it in the coming week because, unlike us, it does have an affiliate program and if anything helps spawn a plethora of fake reviews and testimonials it’s an affiliate program. Go and do a search for ‘SEnuke Inferno‘ in Google right now and you will see what I am talking about, there are only 3 review copies in existence and I know who have the other two. However don’t be put off by that because I genuinely like this product, with the proviso mentioned already.

Now as always I asked if our users could have a special discount and unfortunately this time it was not possible, nothing against Inferno on this because I understand that with partnerships in place you just cant do that some of the time. I do hope in the future we can bring you something from him at a special price though. However for now I believe the cheapest way in will be through a WSO offer Inferno will be running, I will let you know the link to that as soon as it becomes available.

Edit: OK I have the link to the WSO now, the sale is going to be what they call a ‘dime sale’, starting at $27. While I could not get you a discount I have asked for first dibs on the sale going live so you will be able to get the very cheapest version of it. Other than that I really don’t know a huge amount about the sale, so don’t shoot the messenger if I have missed anything!





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